So, I’ve finally have finished my first map. It took a really long time, but I think I just needed to get a routine down. Taking an iPad and apple pencil on the subway commute really enhanced my productivity. I was able to spend focused time drawing out all the things I got hung up on (mountains). It is much easier than sitting at a desk with a monitor and wacom tablet.

On the subway, I primarily created the line art and filled in the mountains and forests. I had to jump on my laptop to create the colors, textures, labels and other graphic design features.

Initial line art

I had wanted to see how the Malazan world would look on colorful map for many years. And, I’ve been exploring learning to design maps since finding Fantastic Maps a long time ago. It took a while to find a style I felt comfortable with. I kept adding textures too soon because I really like photoshop, but taking time to do the line art was essential to moving forward.

Completed Map

This weekend is where I really doubled down on finishing the map. Late Friday night, I finished adding all of the labels. Then on Saturday I created all the borders and did miscellaneous editing. Yesterday, I added a couple missing forests and mountains and posted to Cartographer’s Guild. I should have waited to post, but I got excited. It is important to call things finished. It makes moving on to other things easier and gives one some context for knowing how much effort is involved with a particular project.

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